Monday, December 11, 2017

The New Fairytale Collection by DockATot

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I'm so excited to partner with DockATot to share their new Fairytale Collection with you all. If you're a mom or mom-to-be, the Dock-A-Tot is definitely a 'must have' baby product! I discovered the dock while pregnant with Logan and knew I wanted to try one out. I read raving reviews and loved the possibility that the dock could help my baby sleep longer and the aspect of it being a portable bed around the house and when traveling. I'm thrilled to say that both of those expectations have been met! Logan has slept like a champ in the dock since day 1. We also traveled a few times over the summer and it was so easy to bring our dock along as his bed. We just put it next to us in our bed and he sleeps just like he would at home! This makes traveling SO much easier. Logan's dock also comes along to his grandparent's house when they are babysitting!
In case you aren't familiar with DockATot, it is a multi-functional lounger, co-sleeper and playtime lounger. They're handmade in Europe and designed in Sweden. They are all natural, 100% cotton and SO breathable for baby (Logan never gets overheated in the dock)! The docks come in 2 sizes, the Deluxe (0-8 months) and the Grand (9-36 months). Logan is 6 months now and is in the Deluxe size, but he will soon be ready for the Grand! I think the dock helps Logan to sleep well because he loves the snuggled, enclosed feeling (this is especially true for infants because it's womb-like). 
The DockATot covers come in so many fun patterns and colors to choose from. Once you own a dock, you can purchase additional covers to switch out. This is really nice when the cover needs to be washed and you want a spare. The covers zip off easily and are machine washable in a laundry bag. I lay mine flat to dry to avoid shrinking. The cover we started out with is the Silver Lining (chevron) cover. It's really nice to have two now!
DockATot just came out with a new collection of covers called the Fairytale Collection. I'm obsessed with all of them! The collection has nature, floral and stone prints. For boys, I like the nature and stone prints, and I decided to choose one from the nature collection. Logan's cover is called Bananas for You and I LOVE how it ties in with the jungle theme of his nursery! My other favorites are Emerald Marble and Night Falls. If I had a baby girl, I think Le Vie en Rose is GORGEOUS.
 For more info on DockATot, be sure to visit the website and browse the collections. DockATot also sells products at Nordstrom, one of my favorite places to shop. I definitely plan to upgrade to the Grand dock for Logan when he's 9 months. Once he's old enough, the Grand will help so much with transitioning him from his crib to toddler bed. Logan's sleep habits are so important to me...let's be honest, a rested baby means a rested and much better momma!
His smile melts my heart!!

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I received product compliments of DockATot. All opinions are my own.


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