Tuesday, April 11, 2017

My Favorite Lip Colors for Spring & Summer

Today I thought it would be fun to share and review my current favorite lip colors for this spring and summer! Since there are SO MANY lipsticks, liners and glosses on the market, it can be really overwhelming. Lately, instead of buying tons of random lip products, I've bought a few liner/lipstick sets in different shades that have become my 'go to' products. For the spring and summer seasons, I love to have bright purple, hot pink (or a lighter pink) and nude lip colors to rotate through depending on my outfit, agenda, day vs. night, etc. High end lip products are pricey, but if you invest in just a few sets in different colors that you love and wear often, it's much more cost efficient than having waaay too many lip colors! Of course, I have a ton of lip products myself, but I find that I end up wearing only a handful of them over and over. 
From left to right:
MAC Lip Pencil in Heroine ($17.50) + MAC Lipstick in Flat Out Fabulous ($17)

Here are my current favorite lip products in bright purple, nude and hot pink. I'm going to take you through each one and review them! 
The first set is MAC lip pencil in Heroine and lipstick in Flat Out Fabulous. I actually purchased this set last summer during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It's very easy to apply, doesn't bleed and lasts SO LONG! I personally LOVE this bright and vibrant shade of purple (so fun for summertime). MAC carries some of my favorite lip products and never disappoints! This lipstick is matte (pigment rich with no shine) but they have several other finishes to pick from, too (creamy, satin, etc). If you want to add some shine to a matte lipstick, just put a little gloss over top! FYI, this liner and lipstick have different color names, but they are pretty much an exact match. You can try this set on at your local MAC store or Nordstrom.
Here's a look at the MAC lip set on me. This photo was taken last summer and I think the bright purple lip color is really fun and unexpected with the orange dress! Check out the full blog post here.
This Charlotte Tilbury nude lip set is absolutely gorgeous. They are long lasting and I love the creaminess and scent of the lipstick (Kim K.W). It's definitely on the pricier side, but if you are looking for a great nude combo to wear regularly, it's worth it! The lip pencil color (Iconic Nude) is a little darker than the lipstick but I like this because it creates more definition of the lips. The lip pencil is a beautiful nude if you are looking for a good liner to pair with various nude lipsticks. Also, If you aren't a lip liner person, this lipstick is really pretty alone! To see how these shades would look on you, head to your local Nordstrom and test them out.
Here's a recent photo of me wearing the Charlotte Tilbury lip set (full blog post here)...
The Urban Decay glide-on lip pencil and vice lipstick is my newest lip set. I wanted a long wearing hot pink color for spring/summer and to wear to my baby showers. I went into Ulta to see what they had and Urban Decay was recommended to me by one of the employees. We tried a few different shades/combos and I ended up loving the PDA liner with Crush lipstick! Like the nude, these shades are not an exact match. The PDA liner is more of a medium bright pink while the lipstick is definitely hot pink. I like this better than hot pink on hot pink (can be a little intense). Also, if you want to dull down the brightness a bit, apply a small about of lipstick and blot very well! I have nothing but positive reviews on this lip set...they are SO long lasting and beautiful. I wore the combo for HOURS at my baby shower and it didn't budge (even with eating and drinking!)! I've also received many compliments and questions on this lip set. Overall, it's a must have! :)
This is a good close up of the Urban Decay set (get the full outfit details here).
And here's one more look at these beauties!! 

Thanks for stopping by and please comment below with any questions!


  1. Gorgeous colors Tamara! I love that nude and wish I could wear pinks as well as you. :) - Julie @MomFabulous.com

  2. Great colors! I love that nude but I'm obsessed with nude lipstick. I feel like I'm always finding one in a purse.

  3. I always love seeing your old lip colors!! Thanks for sharing.

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