Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thursday Beauty Favorites

bareMinerals Pretty Amazing Lipcolor

Today's Thursday Beauty Favorites post is on this pretty amazing lipstick from bareMinerals that definitely lives up to it's name! 

Here's why...

This smooth liquid lipstick acts as a liner, color and gloss all in one. The colors are rich and shiny and I was pleasantly surprised at how long they last! The applicator is just like a lip gloss and makes it easy to apply along the curves of the lips.  

I own 3 Pretty Amazing Lipcolors- Bravado, Fearless, and Witty-and love them all! I probably get the most wear out of Bravado, which is a brick rose color (looks the most natural). Fearless is a subtle mauve color and Witty is a bright and bold purple. There are several colors to choose from on so check them out!

My Collection

brick rose color / day or evening wear 

rosy mauve / great for every day use 

vibrant and bold purple / perfect for night out or special event 
Shop my colors below or head over to your local Ulta or Sephora to get these amazing lipsticks!
Thanks for reading!

Shop My Lipcolors:
Witty // Bravado // Fearless

Victoria's Secret Cosmetic Case 


  1. Oo, such pretty colors! I love Bare Minerals, time to shop :)

  2. Okay now I want to try these! I just discovered the Pur Lip Lure and I am loving those. these sound similar.

  3. Those colors are stunning! I love Bare Minerals.

  4. I haevn't tried Bare Minerals in forever but I love the colors and can I just say HELLO to that VS bag. :)

    Andrea @

  5. I've heard people rave about Bare Minerals but I've never tried their products.